One-Shot Organic Cal-Mag - Calcium and Magnesium Supplement

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Introducing our Organic Cal-Mag Plant Nutrient Enriched with Amino Acids – the perfect complement to your plant's growth journey! Specially formulated for use during both the vegetation and flower cycles, this innovative product is designed to elevate your plants to new heights of health and vitality.

Key Features:

  1. Organic Goodness: Our Cal-Mag formula is derived from premium organic sources, ensuring that your plants receive the purest and most natural nutrients for optimal growth.

  2. Amino Acid Boost: Packed with essential amino acids, this nutrient blend goes beyond the basics to provide your plants with the building blocks they need to thrive. Amino acids play a crucial role in nutrient absorption and overall plant development.

  3. Seamless Integration: Compatible with your existing nutrient regimen, our Cal-Mag product seamlessly integrates into your plant care routine. Whether you're using Green Rush Nutrients or other products, our formula is designed to enhance your current setup.

  4. Comprehensive Nutrition: When used in conjunction with Green Rush Nutrients Leafy Green Grow and Beefy Bud Bloom products, our Cal-Mag nutrient completes a comprehensive plant nutrition plan. Achieve lush foliage and robust blooms with this dynamic trio.

  5. Convenient Shaker Bottles: Our product is packaged in user-friendly shaker bottles, available in two sizes – 95 grams and 315 grams. The convenient design makes application a breeze, allowing you to evenly distribute the nutrient blend throughout your garden.

  6. Weekly Application: For optimal results, apply our Cal-Mag Plant Nutrient on a weekly basis. Watch as your plants respond with increased vigor, resilience, and an abundance of healthy growth.

*Please be aware that this product is hygroscopic. This means that if you do not close the lid after use, the nutrients will pull moisture from the air and appear to be moist.  Always close the lid when not using it. 

Invest in the well-being of your plants with our Organic Cal-Mag Plant Nutrient Enriched with Amino Acids. Elevate your gardening experience and witness the transformation of your plants into thriving, vibrant specimens. Embrace the organic difference and cultivate a garden that stands out in both health and beauty.


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