Beefy Bud Bloom Organic Flowering Stage Plant Nutrients

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Get Those Buds Roaring!

The Beefy Bud Bloom Plant Nutrient is a certified organic, all-in-one, plant food designed for your plants’ Flowering or Bloom Stage. The nutrient is a simple to use, water-soluble, powder that dissolves easily and is ready to feed after a good mix in water. The nutrients are a 6-8-12 NPK and contain all the essential ingredients your plant needs to thrive. These ingredients include Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium as well as secondary Calcium and Magnesium and micro-nutrients including iron, copper, and zinc. With added Kelp and Humic Acids this nutrient will not only help your plant to grow strong and healthy buds but will promote strong soil structure and root growth. Our nutrients are derived from Soy Proteins, Rock Phosphate, Kelp, among others. 

Mixing Amount:

Size 500g 1kg 2kg 5kg
Mixes Amount 125 litres or 33 gallons of water 250 litres or 66 gallons of water 500 litres or 130 gallons of water 1250 litres or 330 gallons of water
# of Plants 1-4 plants 3-8 plants 8-13 plants 30 plants


Our nutrients can be used in many setups. Soil, coco, as a foliar spray, rockwool etc. As a general recommendation, the nutrients are not 100% water soluble and you may see some particles left over after mixing. If your growing with small lines like in a drip irrigation system, pre-mix the nutrients prior to adding them to your system. 

Feeding Schedule & Guaranteed Analysis


Our nutrients are packaged in durable, reusable containers that are BPA free, recyclable and manufactured right here in North America. These containers are perfect for mixing nutrients, storing your harvest, and can even be stored in the fridge or freezer. The twist on lids provide an air-tight seal to keep your contents safe and moisture free. We chose these white HDPE bottles as our containers because as growers you can never have too many useful jars laying around. We challenge you to fill up our jars with your harvest and share your pictures on Social Media!


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