4x4x6.6 Bud Bunker Grow Kit

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949.95$ CAD

4x4 Bud Bunker Kit Includes:
- 4x4 Bud Bunker Grow Tent

- 25mm Tent Accessory Kit

- 2x Gambit GG 240W Grow Light
- 6" Gale Force Inline Smart Fan
- 5 Pack Gambit Fabric Pots (Choose Size)

- 10 Pack LST Rope System
- 5 Pack 2 Part Gambit Grow Cups
- 4x4 Gambit Trellis Net
- 4x Ratchet hangers
- Chronic Clippers
- Gambit Banner

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1. 4x4 Bud Bunker Grow Tent:

Crafted with heavy-duty 25mm poles and lined with 2000D diamond mylar, this tent is engineered for unparalleled durability and exceptional light reflection. Featuring three convenient access doors and ventilation options, the Bud Bunker creates a climate-controlled haven for your plants to flourish.

2. 2x Gambit 240W Grow Light:

The ultimate tool for optimal plant growth. Featuring a blend of four LED diode types, it delivers the perfect light spectrum for each growth stage. With built-in dimming and daisy-chaining capabilities, it offers full control over your lighting setup for higher yields

3. 6" Gale Force Inline Smart Fan:

The ultimate ventilation solution for your grow space. With advanced features like temperature and humidity programming, fan speed control, and timer settings, it ensures optimal air circulation for healthy plant growth. Its mixed flow design and powerful motor eliminate stale air, excess heat, moisture, and odors with ease.

4. Grow Tent Accessory Pack:

Our Grow Tent Accessory Pack is the icing on the cake, combining three essential products to enhance the efficiency, organization, and structural integrity of your grow tent. Bid farewell to wire chaos, fortify your tent against potential issues, and streamline your accessory mounting with this all-in-one bundle.

5. CC Precision Pruners

Precision trimming made easy. Featuring stainless steel Micro tip blades and durable all-metal handles, these clippers ensure effortless plant maintenance. Easy to clean and crafted for precision, they're the go-to choice for growers seeking both quality and convenience.

6. Gambit Fabric Pots

Our durable fabric pots promote robust root growth. With sturdy handles and metal rings, low-stress training is a cinch. Built tough for repeated use, Gambit Fabric Pots are the choice for serious growers. (Your choice of size).

7.4x4 Gambit Trellis Net

The ultimate trellis net for indoor gardening! Designed with durable steel hooks for easy attachment to your grow tent corners, it provides sturdy support for plant growth. Made from flexible yet strong material, easy to install and reposition, it's perfect for dynamic setups.


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    Posted by David West on 12th Mar 2024

    Happy Customer

    I'm absolutely amazed by the incredible value of this Gambit kit. Despite being a new company, Gambit has truly impressed me with the quality and design of their products. It's clear that the owners are passionate growers themselves, which shines through in every aspect of this kit. From the moment I unpacked it, I could tell that Gambit prioritizes both functionality and durability. Each component feels well-crafted and designed to last. What's more, their commitment to customer satisfaction is outstanding. They're responsive to inquiries and quick to address any concerns, making me feel valued as a customer. Overall, Gambit has won me over with their exceptional products and customer service. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and I'll definitely be a loyal customer for years to come.